Duration: 3 days
Course Description
The Energy Institute GUIDANCE FOR CORROSION MANAGEMENT IN OIL AND GAS PRODUCTION AND PROCESSING provides general principles, engineering guidance and requirements for improving Corrosion Management practices in oil and gas industry.
It has been produced by an oil and gas industry work group with the objective of:
— reducing the number of corrosion related hydrocarbon releases and other safety related and environmentally damaging outcomes;
— identifying good practices for setting up an optimal corrosion management scheme, and
— providing an overview of the top corrosion threats to production and processing facilities downstream of the wells.
This training course describes the main elements of a corrosion management system.

Suitability – Who should attend?
Plant engineers and inspectors including Inspection, Corrosion, Materials, Integrity,
Maintenance, Process and design engineers.

Training Course Content
1 Introduction
2 Policy and strategy
3 Organisation
4 Corrosion risk assessment, RBI and planning
5 Implementation and analysis
6 Monitoring and measuring performance
7 Performance review
8 Audit
9 Top corrosion threats and main mitigation methods
10 Checklist for assessment of corrosion management

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