Duration: 3 days
Course Description
This training course describes the process an operator may use to develop a pipeline integrity management program. It includes methods for determining the remaining strength of corroded pipelines, risk assessment and integrity management of o?shore and onshore pipeline systems.
The course is based on onshore and offshore integrity related documents such as ASME B31.8S, API RP 1160, ASME B31G, DNV-RP-F116, API 579 and API 580.

Suitability – Who should attend?
Pipeline and plant engineers and inspectors including Inspection, Corrosion, Materials, Integrity, Maintenance, Process and design engineers.

Training Course Content
1 Introduction
2 Integrity Management Program Overview
3 Consequences
4 Gathering, Reviewing, and Integrating Data
5 Risk Assessment
6 Integrity Assessment
7 Responses to Integrity Assessments and Mitigation (Repair and Prevention) .
8 Integrity Management Plan
9 Performance Plan
10 Communications Plan
11 Management of Change Plan
12 Quality Control Plan
13 Determining the Remaining Strength of Corroded Pipelines/Fitness for Service
14 Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

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