Autonomous, cloud based, immediate connectivity, fast and highly competitive, search and route-out historical evidence, process your data quicker and with more accuracy and reliability. Monitor and predict equipment failures and potential shutdowns reducing turnarounds getting you back on track and producing.

We provide mitigation & inspection planning based on your liabilities, your risk and the potential outcome of equipment failure which can impede production levels.
We provide support, training and the optimisation tools to prolong the life extension of your asset.

In a single application manage upstream to downstream, pressure and non-pressure systems. By implementing RBLX corrosion and crack formulations you can perform risk assessments at a very early stage.

Dashboard highlights integrity actions associated risks including exposure to corrosion, degradation, potential pressure loss and failure. By continuously monitoring strategies and systematically focusing on inspection & maintenance operations, optimum production is boosted.

RBLX is an advanced asset integrity management and risk based inspection software solution. RBLX is a fully quantitative RBI software suite based on industry standards that can identify applicable damage mechanisms, calculate corrosion rates & susceptibilities, estimate current and future risks and recommend optimum inspection plans.

RBLXTM Key Features:
⦁ Compliant with API Codes
⦁ Cover upstream, midstream & downstream
⦁ Cost Effective
⦁ Flexible to Customise
⦁ Used at AIM, RBI and Corrosion Management Projects
⦁ Covers all equipment types from subsea to offshore platforms and refineries
⦁ Provides all applicable damage mechanisms based on API 571 & 581
⦁ Quantitative, semi-quantitative and Qualitative RBI approaches based on API 580/581
⦁ Estimates current & future risks
⦁ Increase safety and save millions of pounds due to prevent unplanned shutdowns
⦁ Calculates corrosion rates and crack susceptibilities
⦁ Generates auditable inspection & mitigation plans

RBLXTM Current Modules
⦁ RBLX™ Pressure Systems (Pressure Vessels, Piping, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Fired Heaters);
⦁ RBLX™ Atmospheric Storage Tanks;
⦁ RBLX™ Pipelines;
⦁ RBLX™ Pressure Relief Devices (PRDs);
⦁ RBLX™ Bespoke Module (e.g. for Structures)

Free Trial Access

LifeTech offers a free trial which lets you try the features of RBLX with no obligation. During the trial period, you will have access to all the features.

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